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Emerald Coast Business Women’s Association raises money for local college scholarships through our fundraiser, “Death by Chocolate”. Nearly $200,000 has been donated on behalf of deserving recipients in the past 18 years.

Our scholarships are targeted to the student, aged 23 years or over.

CRITERIA used to award scholarships are as follows:

1. The financial need of the student.

2. The student’s future goals/plans.

3. The student must be an Emerald Coast resident (Bay and surrounding counties).  

4. The student must be applying to attend a post-secondary school in the Emerald Coast area.  Postgraduate studies (advanced professional degrees) are not eligible.

5. The student must have graduated from high school or received a GED.

6. The student must be over the age of twenty-three (23).  The only exception to the age guideline is for the annual grant given to one recipient from Girls Inc of Bay County.* (See below)

7. The ECBWA Scholarship Committee will conduct personal interviews with candidates under consideration for a scholarship.

Scholarship Application (New Applicants)
Scholarship Application (Returning Applicants)

  • Please complete all answers in the spaces provided
  • Application date is determined by Fall & Spring School Schedule – Please check with your school’s finance office for dates–these applications are available there as well.
  • Interviews will be scheduled approximately 3-4 weeks in advance of the start of semester. Please be sure your contact information is correct!

  • Questions? Email them to

    In addition to our open scholarship application process, we also have reserved funds for alumni and employees of 
    Girls Inc.

    Girls Inc. applicants can be any age.  Please indicate on your application that you are affiliated with Girls Inc. It is required that you provide a note of recommendation to substantiate your connection with Girls Inc at the interview.
    < Applications can be submitted as listed above.